Newbie question Bigger floor squares

Hi ,

You figured out the right thing, Texture-coordinate is the right node for you.

by default UV’s values are 1. you should change it to 0.3 (30% of the current size).

Other way to do this is, change the UV’s by any 3d Modeling tool (Max , Maya) , and export with UVs you required.
Hope, this will help you.
Let me know if it worked.


Hi everyone,
i just start to use Unreal and i´m having problem with the creation of materials, what i want to do in this particular case is to make those squares of the floor bigger, the floor tiles.
In my failed research i found the TextureCoordinate is related, am i right?

i´ve seen a lot of videos but nothing that solve my doubt, and as you can see the english is not my native lenguage, so search for specific questions like this its complicated sometimes so i decided write here.

Thanks a lot

Its works, finally.

Thank you for the fast reply.

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Done :wink:
thanks again