Newbie Question about Modelling


I’ve used 3D Studio extensively for all my asset creation in the past, and now I’ve been reading that many prefer to do their stuff in the UE4 editor. I took a quick look at the modelling tools and it didn’t look very comprehensive. Have I got this wrong, or is UE4 an alternative to the toolbox of powerful modelling tools available in 3D Studio ?

Is there any problem with building stuff in 3D Studio, then importing?



Actually that’s how you’re supposed to do it.

Unreal is a (game) engine. You’re creating interactive experiences with it. Mostly games, but also stuff like arch viz.

As said above, you should be creating your meshes in 3rd party modeling tools.

If you can’t afford 3D Studio , there are other alternatives.

Blender is fairly good also, and is Free.
Maya LT is great (albeit seemingly having problems at present for multiple users with its “Send to unreal” functionality") - And it costs about $20 / month I believe.

Thanks. I thought as much. Blender is good but nowhere near, in my opinion as good as 3D Studio . I have never tried Maya.

The only reason I ask is because I keep reading that people prefer to do their modelling in UE4, because “the workflow was better”. Obviously they don’t know what modelling means. Or perhaps they were referring to landscapes.

What then, is the workflow with 3D Studio / UE4 regarding diffuse and normal maps? Are they exported in some fancy new 3D format with the mesh, or linked separately in UE4? What format is generally used these days?

You still have to export your textures as png/tga/jpg/… files - then import all textures - right click onto them - create new material - assign the material to your mesh :slight_smile:
But there are also ways which will allow you to export your textures with the mesh, but then you still have to modify the material a little bit (so it will just import the mesh + the textures + it create a basic material) https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?51311-Import-FBX-properly-with-textures!

  1. That’s not true, it’s all down to personal preference!

  2. They might have been talking about using BSPs to block out their worlds before importing into 3DS and making proper meshes

  3. No, you have to import them separately and link them. This is a GOOD thing though, as you can run the mesh through a program like Substance Painterto make AMAZING looking textures for your meshes!


Thanks for the help everyone.

Kitatus, I’ve worked with both Blender and 3d Studio , and 3D Studio is unarguably easier to use. Take splines for example - extremely simple in . Also try applying a bevel to a single edge in a model in Blender. It’s possible, but you have to go through this long-winded process of tagging the edge first. In , it takes one second. Don’t get me wrong I like Blender, but out of the box is better for productivity.