Newbie question about material migrations

Hi There,

So basically i have a map that i’m using just to edit all the props that come along with making a complete ArchViz project, things like chairs and tables etc.
The idea was to have all that stuff in one map, and then on an individual project basis just migrate over the assets i needed to fill the building up. I’ve been making good progress so far, but i seem to have run into a bit of an issue. What i’ve been doing so far is pulling all the static meshes onto one big floor space, and then editing the materials by dragging them onto the model in the viewport, i know the other method is to edit the mesh itself inside the static mesh editor and pull the materials in that way, but it seemed to be a lot slower of a process. However, after testing a few and migrating them into another project, i see that it only migrates the original static mesh with its original blank materials as it would appear in the static mesh editor. I figured out a bit of a workaroung by creating a new static mesh off the one that exists in the viewport and migrating that, and it does work, but it doesn’t work very well for anything that isnt a combined mesh and is made up of smaller meshes together.
Does anyone know any way to migrate these assets that i’ve edited the materials of in the viewport into a new project whilst retaining their current materials (and ideally lightmass override settings too, but thats not a huge deal)?

You just need to set it up properly in the main static mesh editor. Anything done in the level is an override of the defaults. You can set up the materials and lightmap resolution and it will affect the instance of that mesh in the level as well as every future copy of it. Why don’t you want to do that?

But here’s your workaround. Anything in the viewport can be copy-pasted into another level or another project. But they are only references. If you migrated all your meshes and materials, then copy-pasting from your main project’s level would bring along the specified instances with their overridden settings.

Thanks for the reply StephaBon :slight_smile:

When you say this, are you referring to editing it in the static mesh editor? Or is there a way to set it up so that doing it in the viewport does what you describe? The reason i wanted to avoid the SME is purely because it takes a little bit longer to do, and when there’s a mesh made up of a lot of smaller meshes it becomes a lot trickier. I’m currently editing hundreds of meshes, so its possible to do in the SME for sure, its just significantly slower for me.

So basically, migrate all of the assets as normal, but then instead of pulling in the meshes from the content browser, copy-paste over from one projects viewport to another?

Again, thanks for all the help, really appreciate it :slight_smile: