Newbie Question About Licensing

Hello, Unreal Engine Newbie here. I’ve messed around with Unreal Engine before just to see how it generally works, as I have been very impressed by tech demos I’ve seen on Youtube and the like, and I was currently contemplating using the engine for a serious project. Since my old copy was lost due to a computer move, I decided to redownload the engine and get started, this time actually reading the EULA, due to…well…actually planning on serious use. However, I noticed during one part of the EULA that mentions that the “Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License” is not compatible with Unreal Engine 4. Now if this is simply referring to code, either of the game or of Unreal Engine 4, then this poses no issue. What I want to know is if this also applies to in-game assets made for the game. I personally wish to license any art assets I make for my games under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike Noncommercial, and if the incompatible licensing problem applies to assets as well, then I sadly have no choice but to change licensing on any characters or art that I’ve made or not use Unreal Engine. Anyone here mind clearing this up?

It’s just the source code, you can’t incorporate code into the source code of the engine that requires the code to be “free”, because Unreal Engine isn’t “Free” well, it is Free, but you have to pay a 5% Royalty to Epic on Gross Revenue over $3000 per quarter.

So, You can not put any code into the source code that requires it to be free.

Thanks LMP3D! I was unsure if that was just referring to source or not. I can go ahead and start a project in Unreal without fear then.