Newbie Question About Documentaton

Hi guys, I hope this is correct forum, I didn’t see a more appropriate place.

I think I’m missing something with the documentation. Take for example:

I know from watching videos that this function returns output as channels that I can then modify, but I don’t see anyway to know things like what channel corresponds to what output. Where is that description? I’d like to see the function prototype with variable types for input and output defined.

I’m used to most documentation being like the documentation on C++ Reference - C++ Reference or 2. Built-in Functions — Python 3.5.9 documentation or javadoc. Does ue4 documentation have no analog to this? Is all granular information spread by word of mouth and tutorial videos?

I’m trying to design a niche type of non-game app using VR which requires me to do strange things so the documentation being confusing is making this really hard on me. My first experiment was to make an object invisible in one lense and visible and the other and I was able to do it barely by searching for related by not quite exactly the same material, but most of the things I want to do run extremely counter to “best practices” for VR development so there are no tutorials out there describing what I want. Is there a more verbose guide somewhere I haven’t seen?