Newbie Please Help! How to save as full project?

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hopefully quick question here but how do save as to save the project as a new version say like you want to work on your project but dont want to mess up all that youve done is there an option to actually save as v1,v2 etc then you can go back to that version if you mess up?

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It depends on what you’re doing, you can copy the whole project folder and that would mean you would be able to revert back to what you had entirely, but if you’re just working on a map then you can just save it as a new map in the same project.

no i mean changing blueprints etc etc testing ai all kinds…

so there is actually no in application way apart from copying the folder and renaming the folder and the project name?

If you want a versioning system you’d need to setup source control, but that’s more of a general backup system

Read up on Git or Perforce.

You can just create multiples of your files by copying and renaming.
then just save all.
blueprints editor click save on top left of panel.

Correct. I know the more jaded/experienced members of the community dont answer directly. But as a somewhat newbie myself. Yes. You can not save the project. You can save some random things you did in the project…maybe. If your project crashes, might as well start over. My solution is just to save the project as a different file name every time because the autosave function is a joke. Why is this the case… idk, its akin to Adobe premiere autosaving only the video files and names and not remembering the arrangement or effects on them them, and just expecting you to remember. Completely useless.

I’ll chime in with how I go about. No perforce or git needed, just folders on your pc.

Find your project’s folder, the one that contains your content folder and .uproject file as well as all the other folders. Duplicate that. Ctrl+C, ctrl+V.

Rename the folder so you have two copies of your game project, like “MyProject_001” and the duplicate, “MyProject_002”. Inside the duplicate do the following:

  1. Delete the Saved, DeriveDataCache, and Intermediate folders.
  2. Rename the .uproject file (unreal gets fussy when the name is more than 20 characters) it can be different than the folder - this is what shows up in the launcher
  3. Launch the project, it will rebuild the previously deleted folders (this prevents build errors when you go to package your game, thank me later!)
  4. Zip the previous project and put it in a dedicated folder for previous projects in case you need to revert or look at stuff. Zipping saves some space.

If you make builds they will be in the Build folder. I recommend making backups the same way with their own dedicated folder in case you want to play previous versions. You can delete the Build folder before zipping if you so choose.

Source control has it’s perks, but mostly for programmers. I use BP and make art, so I keep track of it manually. Save and backup often, you can also toss insignificant backups; pain comes from being too curious and changing too much in hopes it fixes the problem. My two cents.