Newbie needs help

I try to learn unreal. But animating anything in unreal is very hard. I don°t know where to go and hope I°m right here.

I have a door : frame, 2 door, 4 doorhandle.

1: when I make a actor blueprint, I only can animate the hole blueprint, not the components.
Is there a way to do it or do I need to put all object seperatly in the scene with need to be animated( need the same door 6 times)

  1. the door and the handle should be animated, is there a way to parent the handle to the door to follow it movement,but the handle needs an seperated animation for push down

  2. is there a way to store the animation(mantenee) in a blueprint to connect them to the actor blueprint, animation every door is really time consuming.
    or works it only with the “timeline” and “makerotion” at the eventgraf

thanx for any advices