Newbie needs help!! "How to trigger animation in sequence with key pressed?"


I’m quite new to unreal. Can anybody teach me how to trigger an animation in sequencer with a keyboard input for virtual production? Can’t find any video tutorial in YouTube that teach you on this. Most of the video tutorials are for gaming purpose with a trigger box. Please help. Thank you.

What do you mean “an animation in sequencer”? Are you referering to Sequence? If so, then for example:

Hi EvilCleric,

Thanks for the reply. yup it is sequence i’m referring. Tried using the blueprint but it is not working. It’s a level blueprint right? Attached is the blueprint i tried.

Are you using “OpenDoor” action somewhere else? Put a “Print String” after the *“Play” *node to see if the action is really being triggered.

Great! I got it. Thanks a lot EvilCleric.