Newbie needs help for modding an ark-server


we have got a new closed server, on which we only play PVE.

After one week we have found some gamemechanics, we would like to tweak.
(Please don’t misunderstand me the game is awesome.)

1.) We want to reduce the amount of engram points to round about 1000 at max-Level
2.) We want more stat point to be given per Levelup (2 per Level)

3.) the engram of the dinosaursattle should need his older kind (so a para-sattle need the philomina-sattle)

4.) the droprate of the supplies from ark should be reduced
5.) the blueprints should require the based engram (so the job you have been given by your tribe is not be obsolete)
6.) all items should be only repairable by a skilled player (so only a weapon smith could repair a shotgun, not everyone)

Some of these points are fairly easy to accomplish other on the other hand are very hard to achieve.

Did you have any suggestions??

these are my results for those wishes:

1.) it is an fairly easy ini-tweak, I could use

2.) until now I could only raise the amount of Levelups and further decrease the engrams/Level
-> did you now if any ini-command is existing which is like the engram-command?

3.) I belive there is an ini-command too
-> could some tell me how this command works?

4.-6.) those are the hard ones. I’ve no clue how to achieve them.
could you please give me a helping hand?

Thanks and merry christmas Hydro

Please excuse my bad english, it isn’t my native language.