Newbie looking for mentors

Hello guys

Well, I’m kind of new to modding Ark. I really want to make mods, but I’m a total newbie to the DevKit and Engines too. So I hope, someone of you wants to help me learning to model and create in the Engine and the DevKit. I already started to take a closer look at the DevKit and made a bigger Parasaurus. But now I don’t know how to set all the things to make this a mod. So this is just a newbie-training I made. So now I hope, someone is willing to help me.

Thank you for reading this :slight_smile:

Hey, I recently made some videos on the devkit and plan to make many more! Just request specific videos and ill see what I can do! (Also I’m planning to build a large project and need some newbies to help me! :P)

It’s just, that I want to learn how to use the Kit and the Engine itself, because I don’t know how to use any of the functions. I tried some video tutorials, but they didn’t really help

I recommend starting with vanilla ue4 before jumping on Ark. Especially if you have never worked with a development kit before.

I tried learning the engine before Ark came out, but I haven’t understand the tutorial

I’m also a newbie and could do with a teacher too!

Wookie’s stuff is boss…you should check it out for sure. Its helped me so so so many times

I am an experienced modeler and game developer. I have my own game studio and have worked with UE4. I would be willing to help you out as much as I can. Let me know what you need.

hello, I too am looking for a mentor.

@mousserr PMed

Ok, i get in the row for a Mentor. German prevered, but english is possible, too.

On reward, i would spend some time on monkey-business.