Newbie Looking for Mentor

hi im looking for someone to mentor me i knew how to get around the level editor in udk UE4 seems a bit different but all and all seems like it flows alot better it would be really awesome for someone to tell me tips and tricks and be cool with answering my questions about things like the partical editor or kismet or if you want to collaborate on a game i would be cool with learning like that too i would really like to make a game that uses alot of my own assets even though i used udk off and on for a few years i would still consider my self to be a newbie

the programs i have:
adobe creative cloud
video copilot plugins for aftereffects and sound effects and music scores

im descent at photoshop and i can navagte my way around most adobe software i havent gotten the UI down in blender but before when i was useing lightwave i was good at making weapons

i really want to make a vr for the htc vive game that is a story driven zombie game with a boss at the end of each zone that has weakspots that you need to hit to kill it and minions that distract you

if anyone could help me out that would be really awesome

if this has posted 3 times sorry in advance it doesnt seem to be posting