Newbie looking for help.


I’m really new to this. I’ve looked through the forum but can’t find a clear answer I can feel confident with. Also, when I navigate
to GitHub from the Main Epic page I get “This organization has no public repositories.”


When I subscribe for $19 per mo. Is there any part of Unreal Engine that I don’t get in source code form ?
Is there anything that is only provided in binary form ?

And do I get UN3 also, or just UN4 when I subscribe ?


Make sure you link your github account to your Unreal Engine account.

You get the entirety of the Engine source code.

Third party libraries

Only UnrealEngine 4

Thank you !


And the UDK package ? Does that come with full source also ?

Or is the core engine in binary/lib form

UDK does not come with any source. You write your scripts in UnrealScript.

Just to be clear:

UDK is the “old” product. That was before Epic decided to change their licensing approach. You don’t need that anymore, if you want to only use the latest technology. With the new deal, you get the entire source of the engine, but you can also just download the latest version in binary form, if you don’t intend to modify the engine.