Newbie looking for books/tutorial for UE4

Hi I’m new to UE4 and looking for tutorials or books for C++ in UE4 to be specific.
PS: There is a book called ‘Learn C++ by Making UE4 Games’, is it worth the shot ? or it’s just for learning C++ ?

C++ in UE4 has lots of API layered over normal C++, so even if you are fluent in C++, you’ll need to learn a few things that are specific to UE4, I’d imagine that book covers a few of the things that are specific to UE4. Epic Games has amazing tutorials on YouTube, I suggest you check those out.

Hey Athomield, I’ve been going through the process of learning C++ in UE for the past month, so I’m not an expert but I can definitely share some pointers.

Quick version: Read the documentation and follow those tutorials if you want to learn UE with C++

Longer version:
Depending on your background in programming it’s going to be a different learning curve, I don’t recommend learning C++ and unreal at the same time, it’s too much and too confusing.

I started learning things by just trying to go straight to C++ and I’ve had some experience with C, C++ and a lot with C# but it was still a bit too overwhelming. The thing is, you’re not just learning programming, you’re learning an engine, so in order to understand how to tell the engine what you want it to do, you need to know what it can do and have at least a general idea of how it does those things first. That means learn the systems in and out, use the editor a lot and learn to make blueprints.

Since the update to 4.6 there have been some API updates that make most tutorials you will find online outdated and will lead you to a lot of frustration and crashes in the engine. You can figure things out, I’m starting to, but you need to have plenty of time and patience.

As for that book, I actually did start reading it, and it’s pretty good, but again, it’s from earlier this year and is already out of date in regards to the API changes, meaning, some of the code samples will crash the engine and you’ll have to do a lot of google searching to figure things out piece by piece. So that sucks but the good thing is! The tutorials in the documentation are actually pretty great, up to date and teach you the same things as that book, oh and it’s free.

But yeah it’s really just spending time with the engine and understanding all the different components and how they play together as with any game engine. Learning blueprints definitely helped me out a lot, and the videos on youtube aren’t so out of date that you won’t be able to figure it out. Also blueprints are just pretty great in general :P. I’d steer clear of the epic video series on the C++ power up tutorial though.

learning how to play: Zaccubus Tutorials
if you want to learn how to make UE4 games, take notes from Epic Games Developers and ask for FAQ’s so they can help you answer your questions.