(Newbie) Is it possible to create a new level from a blueprint?

Hi everyone, I quite new to game develop and unreal so I was trying to create something while I’m learning from tutorials and courses. My first idea is to from a button on the Widget UI, call an actor blueprint and from this blueprint I create a whole new level of the game with a specific design I’ll set from this blueprint code. Is this possible?

I want to by a blueprint code set floor and walls size, materials and set enemys based on the player level that the player can handle. Once again, is it possible? If yes, how is the best way I can do it? An actor blueprint can do it or its better if I do it on the level blueprint?

In advance, thanks to anyone that can helps me.

Yes you can spawn some modular meshes from level or blueprints.

whats the best way is actually a very complex question.
I would just not use the level because i can move my ActorBlueprint in every level with no efforts, but if i make the level do the stuff, i have to clone it to make some differences if needed,… otherwise you may have a Jolly Level that can be anything, but sound more practical have different levels with some special features like atmospherics or light or clouds and landscape, and just the portable Actor that make the wall and stuff

But its not a super sure thing this. is a question too complex and deep