[Newbie] How do I apply velocity to dynamic joints on additional meshes?

Hey there!

First of all, I’m a complete noob and just started learning visual scripting in UE4.
There was a video explaining how TA achieved the look of clothes in Fortnite, however I managed to grasp only main concept of it. It comes really close to my initial goal which is adding hats/necklaces/capes to my character and make their joints move according to player’s speed/movement. It’s purely to add a bit of smooth movement so that my character will feel alive.

My main questions are:

How do I get the movement speed from my character to each joints in the chain? Do these joints need to be dynamic or have any animations in the first place?

How do I combine the character and additional mesh with these attributes? Assembling everything in the blueprint?

Any help is appreciated and if you’ve got a video that could lead me to a solution, it’d be most appreciated!