Newbie Here. Sources to learn UE please. :)

Hi Everyone.

Didn’t see a newbie section which could properly guide as to where to start.

It would be awesome if someone could guide me as to where to learn Unreal Engine from. Obviously I will go through the learning content but apart from that, could someone please suggest some sources to learn UE? Primary use case is to build Games.


Use Learn section from Epic Games Launcher where you can find editor.
Besides from that use youtube. To be honest everything you need to get going its in there. A lot of tutorials breaking down simple concepts. Take your time.
You will have to learn patience. Its a lot of stuff to learn but with enough time, there is hope! :slight_smile:


UE tech is amazing… But I don’t recommend people take it up anymore tbh. Why not try Godot instead?
If you absolutely insist on UE, then watch basic tutorials on using the editor and then take projects apart.
The reason for not recommending it, is that the Engine + Forums + Epic are becoming less Indie friendly. :wink:

So, make sure you know what you’re getting into at least… UE is a long learning path with zero guarantees!
You need to be self-sufficient and self-motivated and driven, as the forums and answerhub are mostly dead.
With UE5 on the horizon, its likely to be harder for Indies to compete and industry jobs are oftencrunch hell’…](Report: Fortnite Developers Describe Severe Ongoing Crunch)

This is an accurate saying, but it’s primarily friendly to certain indies. One of the challenges in learning UE so far, and I’m guessing if I continue, is it’s difficult to combine and connect the different pieces of information on how things work in the engine. Like numerous applications, the ‘caveats’ and problems aren’t often foreseeable or approachable due to a severe lack of proper and accessible documentation. The developers will likely defend their engine to the final argument you put forth, or the final request to get help, but it’s essentially a problem of badly designed help files and not enough guidance when confronted with issues of things not working or not knowing / understanding how things work. But, I’m simply sounding like I suggest it’s an unusable program, which I don’t.

Could you please name some reliable Youtube channels? :slight_smile: