Newbie Help

Hi I am new to Unreal and want to know the best route to take for my simple project:

**- The User clicks on some options given via the scene UI and based on those options a Static Mesh actor gets loaded into the scene.

  • Also will need to store some data from excel sheet that asks the questions via the UI and based on those choices by the user the appropriate Static Mesh gets loaded into the scene equipped with an animation.**

I already have the Static Mesh models and the animations for each included. I also have an Excel spreadsheet that has data criteria for each mesh and I need to make a UI that asks the user specific questions then displays the appropriate Static Mesh into the scene and runs the animation.

Can someone let me know if this is best to make in C++ or Blueprints and how to get the data from my excel sheet or other data sets and how to go about the UI.

Just need a general area to start to read or tutorial to watch or area of study to study, not looking for a details breakdown of what I need to do, rather the best direction to take based on what I need done.

Thank you to any that has read this post.

For the UI, you’re going to want to use UMG if you want the easy route.

As for data from excel, the only thing I know about is this.

I don’t think any updates have been added to allow blueprint support, but I could be wrong.

I’m a newbie too, i’m using version 4.12.5 and having trouble creating the brazier from the tutorial. I have recreated it but i feel like it,s not right. I did not get a convert to blueprint option, it just said blueprint next to add component.