Newbie help - Setup problems? Twin stick shooter tutorial


I’ve been trying to go through the world builder tutorial, and now the twin stick shooter tutorial and I keep running into problems were stuff appears to be missing.

For example I’ve just started the twin stick shooter tutorial. I was following along and double clicked on the Jog _lt_Rifle animation and Unreal throws up a message saying it could not find the skeleton. I looked under the mesh folder and I see a mannequin, physics asset and skeleton. So why isn’t it loading?

I’m wondering if I’m having problems because I installed unreal to my G drive and not my c drive. My g drive has much more space and I want to work off of that.

Could that be the problem?



I got around this by shutting down unreal and reinstalling and it just worked.

I had the same problem… My brain was friend so I just called my friend and had it fixed