Newbie C++ data and Blueprints help...

Hi I want to create a simple UI system that takes a users answers to several questions and then displays a set choice of attributes to add to his character.

What would be the best way to create the functionality of the UI’s data (questions, answers, items, thumbnails of items, decision trees, etc) using C++?

For instance I created the UI in blueprints and even some of the crude logic too but I want to use C++ to drive the logic instead but I am lost and don’t know where to begin. Basically I want the user to select attributes for his character based on some questions that will appear in the UI and then based on the results of those questions I want the UI to display a set of possible attributes complete with thumbnails that the user can then choose from.

How would I go about housing all the questions and more importantly the logic based on what answers the user selects in a c++ class?

btw these are multiple choice questions.