Newbie c++/BP programmer looking for a project to gain experience

Hi, I have done a few things by myself but I have never been in a team before and I would like to to gain some solid experience.
Here is my solo project : Hellinkshed: Picking up item from the ground into inventory - YouTube

I work mostly with c++, but I used bp too.

If you are interested (and I can help too, I remember what it was like getting into C++) I’d Love to hire you for an extremely simple job. it’s 300 dollars for a completed product, the foundation is there from a template and all you have to do is modify it. The caveat is that we are going to need to convert it from a BP to C++ and strip out all the things we don’t need. I am trying to stay as hands off as possible in the technical realm but I will not leave you hanging if you get stuck either. At the end of the day, if you’re work proves to pull out what I’m trying to push out, I am 100% open to profit sharing. I can’t do this alone and thought I could. With my experience and guidance AND if you’re actually open to learning… We could do this.

I have RTS game project. Just started pre-production. It will be fun project for you .
See my project:
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Hi. If you accept royalty fees, I can get you in my game. Is a complex city-building project. So send an e-mail at