Newbie asking some question about realistic rendering in UE4.

Hi,everyone, recently I am starting to look into creating some scene using unreal engine 4.
The scene I wanna create is my own room.
The thing I wanna ask is where am I gonna start??
I’ve watched some of the official tutorials from our website, now I am able to do some basic level creation and create some simple materials by myself.
However I found that the thing I wanna build seemed to complicated for me, I have no idea where to start.

Does anyone have any suggestion??

Or could someone tell me what are the basic things I need to learn in order to build a still scene.
I am quite into building games and stuff, just like a study room, or a house from inside out will do for me.

Thank you guys in advance!!!


It depends on how much you already know about the engine + arch vis (e.g do you know how to use a 3d program). :wink:

I personally would do it like that (rough overview):

  1. create the meshes
  2. create the prototype materials + a basic prototype of your level
  3. build the final scene + add the light
  4. create the final materials (depending on the light setup you might have to do some adjustments)

Also take a look at this thread:

Things to learn → a 3d program (blender, 3ds max,…), photoshop or gimp (for textures), the Unreal Engine (materials, level design and especially how to create good lightning) :slight_smile:

That is exactly what I needed !!

you should check this out:
all the info you need is there

WOW,that is one awesome note…So many details inside…
Thanks my friend!!!
Gonna have some work to do , coz I am only new to this.
Thank you again.

By the way, since this is a Google Doc, are they gonna update it regularly???
If they are, then that’s even more helpful !

Also another question is my PC config now is like this:
i7-4700, 8g of RAM, GTX660, do I need to upgrade any part???
If so upgrade to which model? I do play some games during free time , so professional graphic card is no go…
The other day I try to build the sample from the official market place, the Berlin office one, my PC got stuck… RAM usage up to 100%
Is it because my config is not powerful enough???

Thanks! Telling me this will really help me!

Your pc is good enough to make a small scene like that! If you wanna upgrade tho, I would suggest a Nvidia gtx 970 (good price/perf ratio) or the 980 if money isn’t really an issue!

We try to update the doc as much as time will allow. We are working on some ideas lately so we are quite busy.

Thank you for the advise! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to know! Thanks man.