Newbie animation question

I’m pretty new to the animation side if things for ue4 but I’d like to ask I’ve got a Mixamo character with a walk animation, I’ve put him in my map, but he just looks like he’s running on the spot, but what’s the best way of making him look like he’s moving through the room?

Sorry for the question I know it’s stupid but I’m trying to learn!


This is mostly done using blueprints. I would search on YouTube on how to make a character do basic movements.

Unreal dosen’t play animations in the game when you import them into the engine, you have to still set up the animation blueprint for
the character and the state machine movement system before it can even play the animations in the game, so when you import in the animations into the engine and click on them to play them its just only a preview of the animations. You still have to code the blueprint for the game, takes about 1-2 hours or so to set it all up.

Any good tutorial you’d recommend

Lots of info on my youtube page
My patreon page has Ton-o-Stuff TOO!

Thanks man