Newbie and suggest a source to learn unreal engine functionality

Hello, I want to learn the unreal engine and create games. Any suggestion where I can learn about unreal engine functionality and other stuff?

Hey there @anonymous_user_9b617ffc! Welcome to the community!

So for true beginners to game dev, I highly recommend sliding over to the learning tab on the left and looking through beginner tutorials in general. One of the best ones to watch initially would be the “Your first game in Unreal” tutorial, as it goes over many of the basic concepts and gets your feet wet in the engine immediately.

However if you’ve got a bit of game development experience, specifically coming from Unity you’ll likely get much use out of this documentation page that goes over some of the key differences, as well as the analogues to Unity.

If you’re more of a tinkerer and prefer to just play with projects and pick them apart, I’d highly recommend playing with the sample projects after you get acquainted with the editor.

Lastly, just know here on the forums the community is answering questions day and night, so if you get stuck or don’t understand something and just can’t figure it out no matter what you try, the Q&A board here is often quite helpful!