Newbi- Animate Lights?

Hello, absolute beginner so sorry if the question seems reduandant!

I also tried to google the answer but got only results for the sequenzer wich is not the tool I need…?

The scene I have is a game environment in which the player walks through a box collider which then triggers some lights to appear behind trees, they move a bit and then disappear. But I am not sure on how to tackle this.

In Unity I would simply animate the lights and then get the id from whatever walks through my collider to start a trigger for the animation.

I got so far that I now know how to set up the trigger, but I am still stuck with the lights. Can i animate them inside unreal? How do I save the animation and enable it once the player enters the trigger? Can I deactivate the lights once the animation is finished?


One way this can be tackled is by enable/disable the light actors. Another is to lerp the intensity of the light if your looking for an animated effect, then reverse the process to turn them off.

Yeha, I think there is no actual way of just animate stuff in unreal like in unity? then i guess I have to start using the blueprints and nodes :smiley: