Newbe 3dsmax - Datasmith question

Hi everyone

Stooopid newbie question… trying to get my head round UE4 as I need a realtime engine for some video virtual reality thing. I have a very simple set that was modelled in 3dsmax. All materials are physical materials. No lighting. Exported with the Datasmth exporter and all seamlessly imported by UE.

The set is an ‘open’ set, i.e there are no four walls and a roof on it, and even if there was, it would be a completely closed box as I would not want any lighting other than artificial spotlights to light it up. I was expecting to switch off the skylight and get some UE lights and do the job that way. I deleted the skylight and put a spotlight in. No matter what I do I can’t see the spotlight at all. Hit the BUILD button and after a while all I get is black…
I have looked everywhere: tutorials, guides and I have no idea what I am missing. Anyone kind enough to tip me in the right direction?

Attached a screenshot of what I have.

Many Thanks



When you’re importing your meshes do you let Unreal generate your lightmaps?

Make sure you don’t have single faced objects, and set you lighting to be movable. Maybe in the world settings put the lightmass to force no precompute and then build again.