Newb Questions about a Build A Forest Tutorial

Is there a better place to put this?
Hi, I’m new to learning the UE, creating natural settings are of prime interest to me, and I just watched this impressive 1 hour video on YouTube, How to Build a Forest Scene in UE in one Hour, link below.

Some of it is over my head, however, it’s primary value to me as a new student of Unreal Engine, is the manner in which the project is put together. First off I want to make sure this kind content is allowed here? If not moderators, please notify me.

Other wise I’ve got some questions :

The author starts off in Maya, creates a flat mesh, manipulates it raising and lower points in the grid, then adds a raised area that starts off as a rectangle, but he removes the bottom and back side of it, creating a raised ledge area on each side of the designated road area. He says he could have done this completely in the Unreal Engine, but that this method gives him some freedom. This mesh is made of 3 pieces, it is a rectangle on the outer edges.

After this is created in Maya (or Blender,) it was then imported into UE.
Question 1: I’d like to verify, as I’m still slogging through the Intro to UE tutorial, that UE has a mesh tool like this or no? The idea is after he builds in the focued area of the road, he will create a UE Landscape/Terrain and sit this mesh on it. Then around this area he builds hills and surrounds his scene with UE terrain.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but it appears that this mesh area makes it easier to make the ledges located on both sides of the designated road area and makes sense if it is difficult to duplicate these flat meshes using UE?

More Images and questions to follow if there is interest. :smiley:

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Here is what the flat mesh I’m talking about looked like in Maya. First it was flat, then the points were dragged around a bit. Then 2 side pieces were added with ledges.

UE is capable to edit meshes like this. It’s called modeling tools you have to enable it at plugins section.

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Can I assume these can be created from scratch too?

Yes highly possible, this video could give idea what capable the modeling tool, Tutorial on modeling a bridge using 100% Unreal Modeling tools - YouTube

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Thanks much, I’ll check this out. I have been working on the target mesh in Blender. It will be interesting to see the differences with UE. More questions to follow. :slight_smile:

You could do it in the landscape sculpt mode, but it may be a bit more difficult than creating a mesh in a separate application first. You need to learn landscape creation and sculpting in UE a bit to compare it to the youtube tutorial’s method you referenced and other approaches for other things. Utilizing both is probably the optimal way to go about things.

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