Newb question: Pick one of many buttons to modify the main button.

Learning as quickly as I can but have run into an issue and I am sure it would be easy for someone else.
I have multiple screens which represent multiple levels. I want to push a button for the level I want and have that transfer over to a main button that I can use to activate that level.
How to I set that info with a setter in another blueprint and use a getter in that main blueprint to use that info?
Thank you for the help!

Other way around. You want a parent class button that has a function to load a level with the “name” as a variable (set it to be exposed). If you are dragging them into your scene, the you can go to each of them and change this variable to the specific map. If you are loading them some other way, make child blueprints for each if them and the variable for each child with the specific level as the name.

Thank you for the help!
The issue is I want to have one main button that will be used to launch the new level and the other buttons to modify that main button. So lets say I have three scenes to choose from and I click a button in front of one scene to pick that scene. I then go over to the launch button and hit it and it will send me to that scene. That main “launch” button was modified by my choice of the other buttons.
Won’t the child blueprints just be instances of the parent and they will all just launch the level they are loaded with?