Newb Problem with brush

Hi. I am having a problem. I’m new to unreal and its probably something easy to fix, but I can’t figure it out.

I’m building a simple house and trying to make a roof. I made the roof and it looks like it has holes, a line like a subtractive brush, but I can’t find the subtractive brush.

Its like the walls of my house extend upward as a subtractive brush, no matter were a move the roof, the lines end up in the same spot, adding pictures.

In the pictures I’m just moving the roof on the y and x axis.

Thank you for any feedback.

Strange :stuck_out_tongue:

Go into the 4 window view and check again if there is no substractive brush. Have you already rebuild the geometry?

Yes, I have rebuild geometry and no, In 4 view I still see no subtractive. Picture in 4 view.


Hi Jaycc,

Have you tried moving the location of all of your bsp’s? For instance, if you move your house to another spot in the editor does the same thing occur? Further does this occur in a blank project with no additional content?