New Zelda BOTW location

Hi, I’m developing a new village, inspired in the Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Here i will share my progress every week so you can post critics and comments to help me out.


This week I created a shader to give it a more stylized style and I created two textures for the terrain. I have also changed the water settings and the directional lights.


Greetings @RobertoCuoghi, and thank you for sharing the progress of your Zelda BOTW inspired village here in the Unreal Engine Forums! I know it’s been some months since you last shared an update, but I wondered if you made any further progress on this project. What you’ve shared so far looks like the beginnings of what could be an incredible design!

Here is the final result, I had to change the layout of the original design and also use ue4 instead of the ue5 because I had many errors with my computer


WOW! Even though there were some difficulties, the final result looks absolutely terrific!

The display of vibrant colors/lighting, plus the overall forest, houses, and various structure designs, all look fantastic. Your entire creation is splendid; great job! :grin:

Love the artstyle! Very playful and fun. Glad the technical issues are over now so you could finish your project.

PS: The mushrooms are absolutely precious. Love them!

Hope to see more of your work soon. :heartpulse: