[New Year's Sale 50% OFF] SciFi Warrior Viktor: Armored Soldier Character

SciFi Warrior Viktor is a highly detailed, PBR, armored soldier character rigged to the Epic Skeleton and compatible with all marketplace animations. The character’s style is suitable for near-future and far-future sci fi aesthetics. Eight camouflage patterns are included to use in material instances. The master material includes many parameters for customizing the colors of different sections of the character. Six instances are included and infinite variations are possible. There is an optional mesh for eye lenses, and an optional should insignia. The eyes utilize a realistic shader with mathematically correct refraction.

On the ground or in space, Viktor completes missions without fail.

It’s a rip off from CG Trader? Do you have legal rights?

Viktor is released, and I’ve included Victoria as a bonus.

Are you the same guy who is selling it on CGTRADEr? Model looks a lot like this one:

He sells the sculpts on his own, we work together on game-ready models to sell here. I assume you are asking because you want to make sure I have the rights to sell the model?

For the duration of the holiday sale, Viktor is on 50% discount. There’s never been a better time to buy!

I just want to say “THANK YOU!” to everyone who is taking advantage of the 50% discount price. I’m glad to see so many happy customers.

The holiday sale may be over, but the New Year’s Sale has just begun. Victor is still on 50% discount!