[New Year's Sale 50% OFF] Adventure Woman Alexis: Female Biker Character

Adventure Woman: Alexis is a female biker character for the UE Marketplace by Black Fang Technologies.

Link: [https://www.unrealengine.com/marketp...c-woman-alexis


https://i.imgur.com/18KNPbJ.jpg](Adventure Woman Alexis: Female Biker Character in Characters - UE Marketplace)

Preview Video

Link: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketp…c-woman-alexis

How much will she be, does she come animated?

looks nice. Not convinced by the name though. I’m french and Alexis is a male first name for us… Alexia (not the amazon’s Alexa) would make more sense. Just my stupid french opinion

Looks like its different depending on country.

She released on the marketplace today. I have updated the first post with a link.

Updated with the current version of the promo trailer to better inform your purchasing decisions.

Alexis will be on sale for Cyber Monday, November 27. Make sure to set your reminders!

Alexis is at 60% discount for the holiday sale, so if you’ve been thinking about buying, there’s no better time.

Had many satisfied customers during the holiday sale, and I hope to have many more during the New Year’s Sale! Alexis is 50% off. Its not too late to buy!