New Wrestling Game Prototype - Bastante Bueno Lucha Libre!


I’m pleased to present a prototype for a small wrestling game, inspired heavily by AKI’s N64 classics. This project started off as a learning tool so that I could teach myself how to program in UE4. However, it has progressed to the point where I’m happy to share it here!

Everything is very early days, both in terms of progress on the game as well as my understanding of working with Blueprints (I’m all of five months in having started from scratch). There’s obviously plenty left to do to really flesh this out as a wrestling game. Still, it’s a pretty good proof-of-concept for where things are headed. Controls are listed on the game’s project page, though anyone familiar with games like WCW/nWo Revenge or WWF No Mercy should pick things up pretty quickly.

Please stay tuned to my youtube channel for new video updates, dev logs, and featurettes!

TRAILER: Bastante Bueno Lucha Libre - First Trailer - YouTube

PROJECT PAGE with DOWNLOAD LINK: Bastante Bueno Lucha Libre - Pro Wrestling Game by UE4Luchador