[New Wiki] Memory Management, Count References to Any Object, and Know Who is Referring!

Dear Community,

I’ve just released a new wiki that shows you how you can count references to any AActor/UObject yourself!

You can also get an Object list of exactly who is referring to your UObject!

The code is quite simple, and I am using built-in runtime engine tools.

Garbage Collection ~ Count References to Any Object



Sample output:

TArray<UObject*> Referencers;
for(UObject* Each : Referencers)
		UE_LOG(YourLog,Warning,TEXT("%s"), *Each->GetName());


You are the best!

Thanks Rama, this should come in handy!

I noticed the return value in your example should probably be “ReferredToObjects.Num()” instead of the array pointer.

I changed the name in the code at one point and must have not added that, but it is correct now on the wiki, so all is well :slight_smile:

I hope you are having fun today!

Hee hee!



Thanks Rama! Great stuff!

Thanks again, Rama! This is very useful information.