New Website

Not that my opinion matters too much, but the new revamped homepage is, KRushin approved.

In my past “life” (before switching gears to unreal/game dev) I was primarily a web developer and the old page… while not bad at all, it could have used some work. Now it looks much better for initial impressions and landings.

Thanks KRushin! We appreciate the positive feedback to let us know what we’re doing right, and your opinion matters greatly to us! :wink: In fact, please be sure to keep letting us know of what you may or may not like about the website (and other stuff).


Ohhh no… another company switching to such an awful overused template, sorry guys, loved your old one a lot.

Just hate scrolling down forever and forever to get more infos down there, haha.

But yeah, just an worthless opinion… so don’t bother at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally agree with KRushin. The new website looks great. Nice work Epic. :slight_smile:

By the way is that Avatar inspired background?

It’s what the kids are doing these roek :slight_smile: Gotta keep up.

+1 to the new site from me. I’ve got my go-to sites bookmarked, and the menu is still at the top, so no problems with old visitors. Site makes me feel excited to make a game, imagine bran new visitors will feel that even more so. But seriously, who doesn’t know about UE4??? Inconceivable!

Do I see Platform Game there on the main site? Seen that in coming soon for a bit, not sure if that’s scheduled for sooner or later and don’t wanna get my hopes up :slight_smile:

It’s AMAZING! :smiley:

I agree, website is really professional

I like the new Website, it´s really amazing.

Keep up the good work :wink:

The recent design is great and modern.

One of the things that I would change is the background in the top section (flying islands)
with a video background of it, similar to Αποστολή χρημάτων, πληρωμή στο Internet ή διαμόρφωση λογαριασμού προμηθευτή - PayPal

+1 Good idea :slight_smile: