New Water Jar/Canteen doesn't refill in Tap/Pump/Well

Hi all,

This is my first attempt at modding.

I made a Desert Water Jar and a Desert Canteen, which are essentially copies of the regular ones, but they do not leak.

When I load the mod in both my solo game and on my unofficial server, it works like a charm, except that the Jar and Canteen will only refill in water, not in a Tap/Pump/Well.

When I test the mod in the Editor, in Scorched Earth, I experienced the same thing.

I prodded a bit more and noticed that for each Jar and Canteen blueprint there is also a Refill version. I added those to my mod and changed the settings in the blueprint to match.

When testing the mod in the editor in the plain Test Map, still no refill.

It didn’t look like the Tap, Pump, or Well determine what can be refilled and what not.

What am I missing? Some link between the main and refill blueprints? Some setting somewhere? :frowning:


  • Willem