New VR ArchViz Project - Hillside House

Hey guys, with just finished up a new project that we’ve been working on for a while. This one features texture changing as well as mesh changing with a menu system fully working for VR.
We also decided to use sequencer for the first time after using matinee since we started using Unreal Engine 4 and found it generally much easier to use.
Would be great if we could recieve some feedback and the project should be up on Oculus Share soon but we are still waiting for approval. Thanks!

Pretty cool! keep up the good work , I would work on the materials and try to push the realism on them as materials play an integral part for quality.
How did you manage to get the VR working , any tutorial that you found very useful?

How do you save your animation to be viewed on a web site like this forum? Is your animation all done in the matinee editor? How did you incorporate the interactive portions into your video?

Hey, we used sequencer for the animations inside Unreal. It’s like matinee but has a look that’s similar to After Effects and gives us a bit more control. As for animations, everything is controlled through blueprints. In sequencer you can add door blueprints in a seperate track to the camera track and this will allow doors to be opened when you move about. The mesh changing and texture changing is all done within blue prints as well.

Hi! Thank you for the feedback. Yeah, textures are something we’re working on right now and we’re always looking to improve on what we’ve done! As for getting VR working, do you mean in terms of getting the headset working in Unreal or how we optimized for 90 FPS?

Yes , headset VR setup in unreal etc . I want to test out one of my scenes with VR and dont know where to begin


Do you have an Oculus Rift? It’s just plug and play! Make sure you have the Oculus Rift SDK and you should be set to go

Hey @lewistruvision would it be possible for you to share packaged build of the house, would love to test it out with VIVE.