New Videos For Learning Unreal C++

In these videos, we start from a C++ template, and start adding in new features to create the beginnings of a sample game! We end up with a main character that is losing power every frame and has to collect batteries to charge back up before the game ends. From the first compile to the communication between classes, hopefully this gives you more insight into working with code in Unreal Engine 4. We also go over how to expose gameplay functionality written in C++ to Blueprints, and how this enables programmers and designers to collaborate during game creation.

Check out the overview below for a sneak peek at the final product!

The whole video series is .

This is definitely an open-ended tutorial, and I’d love to see what everyone takes off and runs with! There are extra Blueprint nodes ready to use, and I never say exactly what winning is. If you create an awesome add-on to this tutorial, post it in the forums! Also, stop by the forums if you have any questions or comments, and check out the wiki pages for this playlist for notes as the engine grows and changes.

Awesome! Looking forward to checking this out, as I haven’t bothered looking at C++ at all yet, having been consumed by getting gameplay results so fast in Blueprint.

I know I saw a fair amount of people looking for more C++ tutorials, so this is great.

Thank you very much for the Lauren !!

Awesome! I’ve been looking for an excuse to get into C++ programming for UE4. Don’t get me wrong, I love programming with BPs because it’s a very intuitive and time efficient way to make stuff, but some things can only be done in C++ ( like procedural geometry). Plus it’s very fast.
Thanks Lauren!!

Great, even for us C++ seasoned folk - much needed clarity on how it relates to UE4.

Thanks :slight_smile:

This is really nice; not only does it get us programmers into your insanely huge codebase, but it will give us a nice can-opener for tools development as well.

This is wonderful. Thank you.

Thanks Lauren. Thats my weekend sorted!

Is there any plans for next parts - more advanced?

This is great found these last night.
I have not watched them yet but i will this weekend :D.!
I don`t have a full overview of whats coverd in the videos.

But I hope some more advanced stuff is coming as well…
Networking and Delegates

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Wow, thank you so much Lauren! You were perfect with these videos and I really hate videos, but these I like.

What really makes this for me is the completeness from start to finish. I find myself getting caught up on details due to skipping around from place to place, learning some bit from , grabbing another from there, then finding holes in my knowledge later. Please keep up the good work, it is most appreciated.

If there are no plans to put a UE4 book together, please consider it. Older bums like me enjoy the books. I like the pace more, the weight of them…and the way I can put them inside the jacket of another book at work and pretend to be studying manuals.


Thx a lot, videos were fun to watch, gonna help me for sure !

This was very helpfull and fun to do!

I am surprised that with my limited programming skills I was able to understand and manage to follow through the video and actually finish the tutorial. I thought I would hit some roadblock halfway through and give up, but that was not the case!

I really look forward to more videos like these ones, about both programming and blueprint. About getting some simple game mechanics started up from the templates.

Thanks! And great Job!

is me playing and commenting through the final version after finishing the video.

Thank you greatly for these videos! I have just completed the series, and I enjoyed following along the entire way. They served as an excellent introduction to the programming side of UE4. I also look forward to more similar videos.


EDIT: After playing with the game more, I have noticed that sometimes my spawned batteries will drop straight through the floor. The collision on the mesh seems fine to me, and I have tried increasing the quality of the collision shape. What could cause this to happen? Thanks!

I also have this problem.

So it seems you had a lot of fun making these videos? You laughing a lot :slight_smile:
But i like your tuts, thank you!

For the batteries falling through the level, you can try turning on physics sub-stepping. I’ll also make a note to add that as an annotation to the series when you’re first working on the battery Blueprint. :slight_smile:

Hi Lauren. Are there any plans for doing future videos on API overview? Things like Custom PlayerControllers and how the posses pawns/Characters and also going through the Actor/Component system. Explaining the Class heirarchy and the way it all fits together can be a bit confusing at first. Explaining the PCIP Class and some of the helper classes would be helpful too. Thanks for what you’ve done so far though. much appreciated.

Thank you for this series, Ill be looking forward to watching these :).

Thanks for this series. I am enjoying it and learning a lot. If you make more in the future can you zoom in on the text like you did the the second video. On the the ones that you did not zoom in it was hard for me to see. Great lesson