New version RC xmp workflow


I´m working with a rigg scan and use xmp workflow. I install the last version of RC ( and when I open a new work with xmp the metadata is off. I use the same workflow during 1 year and now no working. My question is: The xmp workflow is change? Thank you. 

hello, a fix will be available soon, we sorry for the inconvenience caused

Ok not problem, this fix is probably correct with a new version?


I am not able to tell right now, it may also be a hotfix before a new build release

Is posible use the old version?


unfortunately not

Hi Lucia,

Does it mean that we couldn’t use the xmp workflow at all until the issue is solved ? Do you know approximately when the issue is resolved ?

Thanks for your answer

hello, I’ve got a confirmation that this has been fixed, we’ll need to test it yet though

I can not re-use xmp in newer versions.
I also used it for one year without any problems.
Can I get an older version? I hurry.