New Version of Simplygon Cloud Launched

"Simplygon has launched the latest version of Simplygon Cloud, its 3D asset optimization platform. Originally launched with support for just Unity 3D, Simplygon Cloud now can optimize assets for any 3D engine or platform as the company has integrated Simplygon Cloud into MAX and Maya. The Simplygon Cloud platform enables asset creators to build multiple Level of Detail (LoD) models in the cloud, saving significant time, resources, and polygons as they optimize their projects. The four key optimization functions offered are:

· Reduction
· Texture Merging
· LoD Creation
· Proxy Creation

Simplygon Cloud has a free tier where creators can use up to an hour of server time each month at no cost. For reference, a larger texture and Proxy LoD would take a few minutes where smaller jobs like a Reduction or LoD Creation would likely take less than 30 seconds. It’s a significant free offering that 3D asset creators will find easy to use and seamless with MAX and Maya. Multiple paid tiers are available for creators needing more server time, or working with larger models, starting at $100 per month. All that’s needed to get started is to visit"

Here’s a video of Koshi Hamedi talking about the new features: [video][/video]

We’ve had a few threads about this already :slight_smile: