New Version of Dev Kit Only Cooks to Mods That CRASH the Game.

I just got the 210+ Dev Kit. EVERY mod I had from before lost all their connections - Had to redo everything. Now When I cook and upload, it simply crashes the game - These were working mods without problems before. The only change was the the Dev Kit Cook. What’s different in this version that’s causing this?


I literally created a ‘blank’ mod - nothing but the generic mod moved into a new folder and refrenced in the map.
That cook crashes in game too.

Isn’t that nothing but the ‘original game’ if the mod is empty like that? LOL. Oh you devs and your trolls.

I’ve had no issues re-cooking my mod with the 210.1 devkit. I re-built some of the key files (PrimaGameData, TestGameMode) and edited others (dino BPs that child-inherited values from a parent)… but otherwise no issues.

But if you can’t even cook a blank generic mod… that sounds like a corruption with your install. Might want to verify your install and overwrite again with the latest Diff and GitHub ZIP files.

Alright. I’m back -Completely verified the Main, now that the UE has the newest version too. and restamped the download onto it as well.
Started Completely OVER with one simple mod to test the waters, simply put a New Item into the Engram list, A Standing Torch.

Steps Taken:

  1. Created a New Mod Folder.
  2. Copied the 3 Generic Mod Items Over
  3. Renamed These 3, not needed but habit.
  4. Added The New PrimalData and Gamemode to the Empty Test Level - for cooking later and removed the Forced Level to Load - since it is not needed and I want the mod to be useable by other maps people make.
  5. Searched For The Standing Torch.
  6. Copied The Following Files Over: Engram, Inventory, Structure and Main Item.
  7. Changed The Name of the Files To Fit What normally would have happen.
  8. Changed The look of the Standing Torch to a different Mesh. One already in the game, in this example the Large Crop Plot. Normally this would be something else - that would be copied over for cooking.
  9. Added this ‘new’ item to the Main Item List in the Primal Data.
  10. Added this ‘new’ item to the Engram List in Primal Data.
  11. Added this ‘new’ item to the Additional Structures List in Primal Data.
  12. Went through and made sure each part of the ‘new’ item pointed to the proper pieces inside this folder and not the originals.
  13. Tested the new item in the Editor in a useable level (usual the built in Test Level with it pointing to the proper Primal and Game mode) - Works in Editor.
  14. Cooked mod.
  15. Uploaded mod.
  16. Subscribe to said mod.
  17. Downloaded Mod.
  18. Load game, choose the mod. It loads - Crashes to an incredibly long crash error that can seize the entire system.
  19. Cry. This mod is nothing but a trial.
  20. To make sure it’s just the mod - I go back, remove the references to the new item in primal data. Since there is no way to tell what mods the ‘server’ is running once in game - I assume since it actually RUNS with the mod turned on with this removal that it is at capacity for any more additions to those locations.

My conclusion is - the new version of the dev kit is not compatible with the new version of the game.

Sometimes I get the error troll that the item just doesn’t show up at all in the engram list - which I prefer to the Crash. It makes no sense why that would be either, since all steps to make it work have been completed.

Ok, I uninstalled the entire thing - reinstalled. That’s a long time by the way. Now - I can cook mods again, but they don’t appear in game. Just in Editor. Now, I’ve created several working mods in the past. So I know the settings are correct, just not why the game is not loading the information. It’s creating empty Mods in the folder too. Strange. BUT this I can work with. Crashes that give no true error code as to what the bajebus happen I can’t.

Awww… k-rap. The Dev Troll got me, it’s back to just crashing again.

Alright - I think I figured it out. This is something to do with the BLUEPRINT sub routine for creating Blue Prints from Engrams in-game and putting them into the storage drops. When I remove the checkmark for “AllowAsBluePrint” the entire mod works. Put it back, it crashes the mod.

So I guess my next question is this: what needs to be modified to allow the mod to create BluePrints for the storage drops? (And just check marking that box is obviously not it - but is a part of it) :slight_smile:

I would love to know this solution. I had so many headaches this weekend due to this. I might just wait for a newer version of the blueprint to come out before upgrading.