New user, question about networking of UE4

Hello community of UE4.

Iโ€™m not technically a new user, but I wanted to help my team finish a project on unity before I made the full switch :slight_smile:

Want to dive right into ue4 properly this time and see what I can do with it, learning on the way :slight_smile:

Iโ€™m really interested in networking and I want to learn how to use it and maybe do a game with it eventually. Can you give me a run down on how networking is different here, than it is on Unity? Can I build server side logic (such as movement, dealing damage and so on), deploy it as a server, and then have clients (other players) connect to it and play it? Do the clients need to be hosts? For example I have a game - Clients connect to the lobby and they want to play a map. Does the server manage what maps are instantiated(for example, 10 players want to play map X, so map X is created on the server and the clients are forwarded to it. other 10 players want to play map Y, so the server creates another map/room/instances and forwards them there and so on), so that clients are basically โ€œdumbโ€ computers that are sending input and nothing else, or does one client becomes the โ€œhostโ€ that all others connect to?