New user looking for some information about the unreal engine.

Hi guys im looking to download the unreal engine over the next few days but i have a couple of question beforehand. im traveling at the moment so i only have a small laptop to use but when i get home ill have my desktop so i was wondering if you can download multiple copies of the engine so i could have it on both devices? also how big is the initial download ?
Many thanks in advance

Yes, you can download a copy on to each device.
The size varies from release to release and how much additional content you download via the launcher.
Expect to download ~5GB and use ~20GB once installed.

also make sure that Unreal can run on your laptop , Unreal is very heavy on resources since it targets high end games. If you purchased your laptop the last 3 years and is not a netbook , you should be fine.

Thanks for your help. much appreciated