New user a couple of questions

I gave game development a go for a couple of month last summer and i honestly had alot of fun. The engine i used then was unity but i decided that i want to go forth with unreal engine 4. It seems better?

I know game development takes time, i know it isnt easy and that i will fail alot of times. I’m here because i want to learn how to make a game and i really enjoy playing around in a engine seeing what i can and cannot do.
I just started but ive already run into a problem, i cannot import a heightmap into unreal engine. (i’ve tried but i cant get it to work)
Could someone point me to a good tutorial for doing that?
(This is the island i want to import, im hoping its not to big) Google Maps

Also how do i know how big to make my world? I’d like it to be the size of the H1z1 game’s map.

First things first.

What are you using to try to import this map?

I use L3DT. Use to have videos up on tiled terrain but I have removed them.

You need to make it a r16 heightfield and size it to the UE standard. Here are some wiki pages to get you started.

Here is also a video that might help you:

Yeah, thats the tutorial i was following, i did everything he said but this is what i ended up with Screenshot - eae8ae424ce087cd4a2a438c58362ab3 - Gyazo

I’m using L3DT aswell, this is what i end up with Screenshot - eae8ae424ce087cd4a2a438c58362ab3 - Gyazo

Worldmachine isnt the best tool for me since max resolution is 513x513 as a free user
i also couldnt build a tiled world for some reason

If you go to L3DT forums I stated there is a issues with inverting the import you have to read this post carefully and understand how I converted the tiles to conform with UE4.

If you don’t invert the exported dat then the landscape will be inverted BTW

dug up the link.

Thanks Dmacka! ill check it out