New UnrealEnginePython release

Hi all, a new release of the Unreal Engine Python plugin is available:

This new version includes an experimental python editor (with syntax highlighting, multiple documents editing and the ability to run code on the fly), the FRandomStream class,
support for UE 4.15, and (maybe the most important thing) a new test suite.

This release got the ability to run scripts in sandboxed mode: you can choose if the code has to be run in the main interpreter or in a brand new one (unit tests, as an example, runs in their own interpreter)

Blueprint Graphs manipulation is almost complete, with a bunch of unit tests already developed:

We have built 19 binary packages with various combinations of python and unreal engine for both win64 and mac. They will allow you to easily test the plugin without building from sources. If you need a specific
combo not available in the list feel free to open an issue.

Enjoy !

Fantastic work. Thanks a lot for sharing!
Does it mean I could write a python app & run it in a window displayed inside unreal engine at runtime?

Is this still being actively developed?

Certainly looks from github as if it’s being actively developed: Releases · 20tab/UnrealEnginePython · GitHub

Which is nice :slight_smile:

Very good. It’s already full support?

I found this a few days ago: Trello
Apparently, python is going to be integrated officially into the engine in some way.
Does anyone know more about this feature? And how far has this been developed?

Hi, I Download And Install in my machine is OK! I’m looking for the example that appears in this video in virtual reality a UMG Widget that does reflect the properties of an object and can not find … Would you like to make this widget available to me?

I recently discovered this plugin and I’m amazed that it isn’t being talked about more. Just wanted to say I appreciate the continued development.

Any chance of an update to 4.24?