New Unreal

Time for a new game, a new reality, a new Unreal,

Unreal 3- Concept:

I think the main development of the original game nailed it. A forgotten prisoner in a new free world, the humanity that was holding him/her back has met their fate and the player is now the only survivor; the only thing left was scarred by the sins of humanity but is now set free by this new destiny that has been set before him. I don’t think there should be a cutscene, the story is told right then and there and
is created and told by the player of course within the games founding building blocks.

The player would wake up and find themselves as a prisoner on this ship, that is dark, dank, sinister, and over-industrialized but functional, by its design. The player has no knowledge of the characters history, only that was is happening now is going to be pivotal in creating their own.

Now, for the world. I think the world needs to be built around its inhabitants that are going to be there. Which I think need to be the Nali, or a new rendition of them, still the same in their design and structure but more fleshed out in their behavior and activities. As they are still oppressed by the Scaarj or perhaps some new
alien species that is relative to the Scaarj. The Nali living in small villages would be good, but for the sake of maximizing the potential of the next generation systems, i see a little more intricacy in the locations, especially Nali abodes. I imagine tall magical spires, some of them abandoned and ancient but some of them
still populated by the Nali, and an architecture that is blended with Aztec and almost a old Victorian look. ( - Nali capitol, scaled down in-game because this is too big.

Where these locations would always be homely to the player because the nali have this closeness to the player, they have this helplessness to them that could also represent the player, but because the player is their savior, he becomes purposed to save them from their oppressors.

I think Elden Ring has a good system for an open world design game as I also think this game should be open world but done right, where it’s a small map, but densely packed. I imagine that when the player steps out of their ship for the first time like in unreal, they are greeted by the fantastic (as in fantasy) night sky. I imagine a world like this by night-( but without
mushrooms, but many types of rocks and trees., space would be right next to the player all of the time because there would be no light pollution. There would be tall rock spires that would glisten with crystals ((
with a mix of hostile and passive creatures that would be in the sky and on the ground. As with an unreal game, this is mainly about shooting, but I think it can be deeper than that, the player is the main conduit of the world, not his weapons, his weapons are the tools in which he interacts with it. What that means is that the world is the true player. Not necessarily his body or the camera that the player
looks out of. So, everything is structured in a way to support a natural intuitive flow of exploration and complex mapping.

As far as gameplay, the player is always out for resources, for their weapons and the equipment to upgrade them. Ammo should be important to the player because without his tools he has no way to complete his purpose, in a sense, the players ammunition should be more important than his weapons. The weapons should definitely be a return to form with new renditions for the dispersion pistol, automag (although a new more powerful almost hand-canon version), stinger or material based ammunition weapon (shoots the environment so the player could always have a supply of ammo. The shock rifle, the eightball, of course the flak cannon, razorjack, bio-rifle and minigun. As said before, I think the ammunition for these weapons should be like currency in the game, where it feels valuable and rewarding to obtain. The ammunition can have different types depending on the weapon and the acquisition of ammo is always from the world. If the player wants to visit a dungeon, they would be doing it in search of ammunition that can come in unique types by the kind of Tarydium or natural resource for that particular location. And they would be able to return to that location to get more but also to find that enemies have moved back in to retake the resource.

The music would also be consistent with the new revisions that are made to each unreal game, for example, (Unreal Tournament Soundtrack - Main Theme - YouTube) this song
would be updated with modern synthesized and deeper in bass and melody.

I think with these starting attributes a great unreal game can be made, please message me for more direction if this is a good vision for the game, I would love to construct a new hit game with you.

Thank you for reading and let’s experience Unreality one more time.

Greetings lparkerzo!

We see that this your first time posting! :medal_sports: Welcome to the Unreal Engine Community, and thank you for sharing your inspired, imaginative vision with the forums! A certain wiry-haired individual once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

While I, personally, have no input in what projects Epic Games are working on now or in the future, I encourage you to continue reflecting on your idea! Even if Epic Games chooses to go in different direction, your imagination may lead you to develop your own independent project! What is your background in game development? Please share it with us! :grinning:

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