New Unreal Wiki

Whenever I open the unreal wiki, I am greeted with the message “We have temporarily disabled editing while we’re working on a new Wiki!”. This message has been there for a good while now, are there any news on the development? I really want to contribute, but at the moment it’s impossible, and there have been no real updates on the situation.

The wiki is dead, don’t bother.

So what is the leading alternative?

Epic really ought to get this in gear,
Documentation isn’t bad, but there is always a lot to be desired, especially as the engine changes. Wiki pages are oftentimes more complete and more relevant.
IIRC the wiki has been down for an Unreal entire version number. Forums are nice, but there’s a reason why Wiki links are plastered all over these forums.
I’d like to contribute. If they won’t allow me to do that, they should have the documentation more complete. If I try to send feedback on the documentation,

Why should I jump through hoops to give feedback when it would be so easier and faster just to edit or write a wiki page myself?

I agree 100%

The worst part is that simply unfreezing the wiki would solve everything. I fail to see what Epic is thinking here.

I made a petition, guys. Let’s make a change!