New Unreal user questions

Hi all, question.

  1. Does Unreal have the ability to create procedural landscapes where you can input things like biomes that will; create , grass, tress, hills, etc, etc or are there any good 3rd party assets that can do this. Along the same line, any similar assets or in engine ability to create procedural structures, towns, dungeons and the like.

  2. Having gone through many internet sites and docs, I see no easy way to remove individual animations from a FBX file, is there an export or other FBX animation tool that can do this?


No, you would have to find your own solution for that. Currently the issue with procedural terrain would be collision, which the engine can’t create during the game, you would have to create your own solution for that besides being able to create the terrain. You could make sections of terrain beforehand, but that’s not procedural.

Atm it’s not possible to create procedural landscapes -> How do I procedurally generate landscape? - UE4 AnswerHub
But it it possible with meshes -> e.g :slight_smile:

@ darthviper107. You are too fast :wink:

thanks, thats what I thought, just looking for a tool that would assist in rapid prototyping, TY.