New Unreal Engine 4 Interior Apartment Complete Course.


If you want to try the .exe of the scene here it is:

In the following Course I will teach all the necessary tools to make an interior scene using tools such as: Unreal Engine, Gimp, Crazy Bump, among others.
Who is the target audience?

  • Architects or students who want to expand their knowledge of 3D design and rendering.

  • Interior designers can show their work like never before with real time animations.

  • Video game Environments designers can begin by learning to do architectural scenes since they use the same principles.

  • People looking for a hobby can stimulate their creativity with the tools that will allow them to make their imagination fly.

  • From 2 to 5 hours of Free HD Video, (Youtubechannel)

  • From 15 to 25 hours of HD Premium video (Gumroad)

  • 196 .FBX Models (Complete Apartment)

  • Personal contact Skype to communicate and answer all your questions (Gumroad Users Only)

  • Not all textures are included in the Files!

  • Discord Channel (For Everyone).

  • Executable .exe of the scene,
    Content of the Videos

  • How to model correctly to export models to UE4

  • How to import Models into Unreal Engine

No matter wich 3D software you use.

  • What is lightmass and why is it vital to work

correctly in UE4

  • How to illuminate an interior scene correctly and efficiently.

  • Creation of basic and advanced materials

using the powerful UE4 Node system

  • Animation of cameras to export animations

  • How to render images of our project

  • How to use the Blueprints in UE4.

  • Creation of maps and Widgets.

  • How to create and customize Main and pause menus

for our project.

  • How to create an executable file .exe of our

project once finalized.