New Unity Pricing

Folks, the new Unity pricing is insane… Expect even more Unity folks over to UE4 soon… Let’s be welcoming…as we always are!

More info and comments here:


We’ve been talking about this a lot on the Slack channel - and yeah, it’s pretty bad. Talk about shooting your developers in the foot.

I knew I was missing my Slack fix… <grins>

And, yeah… they are killing themselves…


Kind of confusing–the benefits of the paid subscriptions isn’t clear, the only important thing I can see is that the Pro subscription removes the splash.

Not sure what this means:

No details on what those useful and effective tools are

I think Darth is that you also get the mobile stuff… So, if you are a mobile developer it actually turns out to be OK. But, if you never do anything with mobile, than its almost double the cost…


for mobile + ios developers is less pain and fair price.

Kind of strange they would do that considering all the competition they have now.

How much for Source…???

I like Unity as it runs on anything. But its a toy compared to Unreal (Componentized C# being the only stand out feature imo).
Plus there’s still no source in any of the new models! To paraphrase Unity CEO: stick with Unreal “No f***ing around. It’s simple”…

You get source access with Unity Pro and Enterprise.

Oh man, not this guy again…

The next line is equally amusing:

Nothing against Unity, they have an attractive platform (not for me, but that’s ok), but don’t bother with this author on VGChartz, he’s got some kind of personal vendetta against UE4. This is the second ridiculous blog post I’ve read now (and hopefully the last…) :wink:

LMAO Epic Fail

So it’s 1500 dollars a year + 125 a month now and not 1500 one time fee. Wow. They really dropped the ball, i will not be surprised if they take this back. There is no way this can be profitable. I have a feeling many engines will see a surge of new developers.

Also the 35 dollar a month tier with a splash screen is the biggest load of laughter i have seen in a while.

Yep thanks, I had pictures / js disabled.
The table is much clearer than the text!

On second glance the whole article looks a bit dodgy…
(It was a requote from…???)

If you think that’s bad, take a look at the terms for buying assets in Unity’s marketplace. If you’re making a game as part of an online team, they require every asset be owned by every person on your team. When I saw those terms I walked.

If you mean the one license per dev for tools, extensions etc. then that’s a pretty common practice in software business. Art, sound etc packages are project based.

I’d have assumed this, but a quick read of the EULA seems to indicate that technically, Ariegos may be correct. I couldn’t find anything indicating otherwise.

The asset store shows separate notification on the asset page when the licensing is per seat. BTW how does this go with UE4 today? When I originally registered over a year ago I think I saw stuff saying that code access is per seat including market place stuff? when I now tried to look for license or other info I could not find one quickly.

UE4 code access is completely free.

As for the marketplace, it is also acceptable to share assets between all members of a team working on the same project.

I also checked it with one of the asset store sellers that sells AI as scripts (not an editor) and he said that is how they see it. For every person on your team that could see their source code, they expect them to own the Asset even if they are an artist.

For anyone interested, search their Asset Store Terms of Service and EULA for “forum pooling” to find the relevant part.

I know it’s free but everyone must have their own account which leads to the question how does marketplace stuff actually work when you buy something that is classified as tool, plugin or similar type addition to the workflow. For Unity Asset Store the per seat requirement affects only certain type additions, mainly editor extensions and workflow tools that are not part of the build and majority of the categories fall under per company ownership use. I can’t find marketplace specific agreement so I assume it’s same as the main one. When I buy from marketplace the content will be licensed to me.

"b. Distribution to other licensees - You may Distribute Engine Code (including as modified by you
under the License) in Source Code or object code format, or any Content, to an Engine Licensee who
has rights under its license to the same
Version of the Engine Code or **Content **that you are
Distributing. "

"You also may Distribute Content to an Engine Licensee who is your employee or your
contractor regardless of whether they have rights under their license to the same Content, but
only to permit that Engine Licensee to utilize that Content
in good faith to develop a Product
on your behalf for Distribution by you under the License, and not for the purpose of Content
or any other Distribution or sublicensing of Content that is not permitted under this
Agreement. Recipients of such a Distribution have a limited license to use, reproduce, display,
perform, and modify that Content to develop your Product as outlined above, and for no other
purpose. "

The way understand this is that for example if I would by some extended tilemap editor or mesh generator/editor, only I could use it in our project but other could not. They could only have it as part of the project for builds.