New UE4 Marketplace publisher asking for help

Hello. I’m Tomislav Veg, or simply Tom Veg. Im also known as “Veg3D” on other marketplaces. I’m freelance 3D character artist, animator, digital sculptor and texture artist. I publish on Unity asset store, on CG Trader, Turbosquid, etc, and i want to start publishing on Unreal Marketplace. But, i’m not sure what to do exactly, since i never found any step by step tutorial on how to publish on the marketplace. While for Unity asset store, there are tons of such tutorials. I have read your publisher guide many times. I have it in my bookmark. But some things are unclear to me. For example, i have character of Kim (see video). I tested him in Unreal Engine, with animations i created for him which you see in video. And they all work flawlessly. But, is that enough to publish him, since rig was actually created for Unity mecanim (default IK rig in Maya was used). Or, do i need to rig them on Epic skeleton using ART tools for Maya, like in your guide? That would also mean i would need to create new animations as well for each character i want to publish? This is what is confusing me, since, like i said, animations work in engine with rig i have. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you for your attention and help